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Breakfast Club of Canada

5 October 2017
Breakfast Club of Canada

Did you know that Canada is the only developed country in the G7 that does not offer a national food program in schools? For 22 years, Breakfast Club of Canada has been nourishing children’s potential by ensuring they have access to a nutritious breakfast before school, in an environment that allows their self-esteem to flourish. We know from research that the impacts of hunger reach far beyond a single child. Hunger affects classroom learning (60% of which is done before lunch), behavioral issues such as bullying and social exclusion, as well as overall health and wellbeing. With 1 in 5 children starting school on an empty stomach, Breakfast Club of Canada is launching a nationwide awareness campaign Start Me Up to raise awareness and funds to promote nutritious breakfast programs in schools across Canada, so all children can have a fair chance in reaching their full potential. Helping out in a small way, gives us great pleasure; let’s all look to put a stop to hunger and give our kids the start they need in their day.
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