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Home Builders Kelowna Dilworth Homes is a family-run company, with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. We are established leaders in providing quality homes for sale Kelowna. We are extremely proud of the trust we have sought in these 25 years of home building in Kelowna. Dilworth homes team is known for its impeccable quality, genuine originality, and serious architectural ambitions. Our homes are built with the highest level of building values, integrity and design practices.

Dilworth Homes strives to create homes that are built to last a lifetime. Our construction approach goes beyond just sturdy material, to material with conscience. Our homes are constructed to top quality standards and utilize best construction principles to ensure comfort and durability. Being one of the best home builders in Kelowna, we strive to provide each client a stress-free and friendly building relationship.

Our homes are defined by durability, superior comfort and beauty, and not just price, size or location. In these 25 years of operation, we have provided Kelowna with the highest quality homes just because of the passion of our team to build with perfection. Our expertise, awards, experience, and certifications are the highest amongst home builders in Kelowna and we are nationally recognized for the efficiency, designs, and quality of the projects we complete.

When we say quality, we mean quality which is verified by 3rd party testing to make sure that our client gets exactly what they dreamed of, and that their biggest investment ultimately proves to be their best investment.

No matter what the difficulty of your housing project, rest assured, your home will be in good hands. We treat each housing project as if we were living in it ourselves during construction. In most cases, clients can even live in the comfort of their homes, while we do our work.  It is our dedication to quality, rigorous testing and passion to provide a quality home that allows us to offer our clients a good warranty on their homes. We provide a warranty to back up the quality of home we build.
The customer satisfaction rating is one of the best in the construction industry, and we are one of a handful of builders amongst home builders in Kelowna to receive 22 silver Thompson Okanagan Housing Awards and 9 gold Thompson Okanagan Housing Awards since 1996. Inboth 1999 and 2002, Dilworth Homes again became the recipient of the most precious Gold Okanagan Housing Award.

Dilworth Homes offers unbeatable service, value and quality to its precious clients. The company has earned outstanding recognition in the residential construction industry. No matter how big or small the project; we treat each project with equal care and attention.
So book an appointment with us, and let us turn your dream house into a reality. Home Builders Kelowna
Dilworth Homes
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