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Custom Home Builders Kelowna Dilworth Homes is a family-run company, with over 25 years of experience in the construction business. We are established custom home builders in Kelowna, building quality homes for our clients in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Armstrong. We are extremely proud of the trust we have sought in these 25 years of home building in Kelowna. Dilworth homes team is known for its impeccable quality, genuine originality, and serious architectural ambitions in customizing the house of your dreams. Our homes are built with the highest level of passion, building values, integrity and design practices.

There is a special level of customization that goes into building a home by the Dilworth Homes team. Each of our projects is unique, and is according to the taste and guidelines of the client. There is no restriction on the limit of customization a client wishes to see in his/her home. Since 25 years, we have been working hard to make our projects more customer-oriented, even more affordable and flexible with almost unlimited customization choices, and we are more than delighted to say that we have made some great stride. Custom home builders in Kelowna is proud to be acclaimed a firm possessing award winning strengths in interior design, architecture and building.

If you are like many of the other clients who come to us with a long list of queries like how do I prepare my land for construction, how much will it cost, how do I obtain utility services, how do I design it? To all of these questions, we have just one reassuring answer: “we have got you covered”. Dilworth Homes has developed a step by step guide that makes the custom home building experience exciting and pleasurable. We are here to help you at every stage, from finding the right land to getting the perfect design. And please pardon us for bragging, but we are so good that we even give a guaranteed home completion date.

Once you have selected your home plan, we can make any change, big or small, that you require. Want to turn your home office in to a bedroom or Want to expand your kitchen? No problem! We can do it all with perfection and thanks to our highly refined home building process, we make customization surprisingly affordable. Our focus on our superb building process and customer orientation has resulted in us being able to deliver outstanding craftsmanship for an amazing price. It is just what we do.
It is time to make your family’s dream home a reality. Call us today at (250) 764-6080 or email us at sales@dilworthhomes.com for an appointment to talk about a home and community that best suits your lifestyle. Custom Home Builders Kelowna
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